Solution enables advisors to more easily offer customized bond portfolios

Charlotte, NC & Wheaton, IL (January 25th, 2017) – Fulcrum Point Financial, a provider of full service fixed income support for independent registered investment advisors, broker/dealers and institutions, and BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today the launch of Fulcrum’s Serviced Bond Solution. The new program simplifies bond investing for advisors by providing the construction, trading and continuous monitoring and oversight of individual bond portfolios. BondWave will provide key technology components enabling this service. The result is an experience that offers simplified access to individual bonds through sophisticated, customized client portfolios.
The Serviced Bond Solution enables advisors to provide their clients with custom bond portfolios that are taxable or tax exempt, by structure (ladder, barbell, custom), include or restrict specific bond types, include investment committee rules and include account specific rules. The solution also features comprehensive portfolio monitoring for pending calls or maturing bonds, downgrades, credit watch, material events, portfolio drift, changes in account holding values, investment policies, compliance guidelines and report scheduling.

The BondWave technology platform is the engine behind the Serviced Bond Solution, providing connectivity to custodians, overnight monitoring, automated reporting and access to the trading desk.
“Particularly in an environment of rising rates, investors are seeking to diversify and optimize their bond holdings, yet many advisors unnecessarily offer clients a limited range of investment options because of the complexity of fixed income investing,” said Michael Gregson, founder and CEO of Fulcrum Point Financial. “Fulcrum’s Serviced Bond Solution is designed to simplify bond investing making it easy for advisors to create, monitor and continuously manage custom bond portfolios.”

“A combination of events from regulations to investor demand for transparency and better analytics and intelligence are driving improvements to the application of technology and the evolving market structure for fixed income,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave. “Fulcrum Point Financial’s Serviced Bond Solution is a significant leap forward that is moving bond investing closer to the goal of providing advisors with the same investing experience as has been standard in the equity markets for decades.”
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