Adding several new clients and solution enhancements to support firms’ best execution, fair pricing, mark-up monitoring, and disclosure obligations

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WHEATON, IL – September 15, 2020 – BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today the recent addition of a number of small and mid-sized RIAs along with another large broker-dealer, further expanding its growing client base.

With the ability to scale and tailor solutions for each user’s highly specific needs, BondWave has made several enhancements to its intuitive fixed income portfolio and transaction analytics platform, Effi™. Further enhancing pre-trade price discovery, the Effi Market Calculator now includes the ability to configure multiple benchmarks, supporting best execution, fair pricing, mark-up monitoring, and disclosure obligations. The Market Calculator has also been enhanced to allow for calculations to be saved and archived to support management and/or regulatory inquiries.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend the fixed income industry, firms require a reliable and trusted partner to help them cope with enhanced levels of uncertainty and risk,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave. “I am beyond proud of the resiliency and innovation that our team has shown in the past six months as we continue to assist both our new and existing clients through solutions that are backed by innovative data approaches.”

Building on the latest solution enhancements and growth of the firm’s client roster during COVID-19, Paul Daley, Head of BondWave’s Fixed Income Lab, continues to expand his team’s quantitative research capabilities through the application of innovative data science. Using BondWave’s proprietary Benchmark Data and Trading Indices (BDTI), Daley has quantified the difference in trading activity across three separate time periods that span the first few months of 2020 leading up to the pandemic, the height of market turmoil in March and April, and post-announcement of government intervention in his newest Trade Insights piece, Examining the difference in activity before, during and after the height of pandemic-induced market turmoil.

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