Insight into every fixed income position and transaction – every time.

BondWave’s Effi platform leverages data science and emerging technologies to develop unique data sets that provide enhanced insights. Effi delivers solutions that can help you save time, support regulatory requirements – and build lasting client relationships.

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Trusted by top financial institutions ranging from the largest wealth managers to the smallest RIAs
Trusted by top financial institutions


Year History

100+ years

Management experience


Positions analyzed


Transactions evaluated

Benefit from BondWave’s breakthrough:

engine for fixed income
Portfolio Analytics
Insight and analysis from a single account to your entire book of business.
Transaction Analytics
Pre- and post-trade analysis of your fixed income transactions.
Data Lab
Transparency and insights through data science and emerging technology.

Portfolio Analytics

BondWave® customizes Effi for you, shaping the solution to fit your needs. Here are offerings that can be part of your solution: Accounts & Positions, Reports, Proposals, BondAlert


Leveraging a massive fixed income data warehouse, Effi portfolio analytics allows our clients complete command of every bond position. Actionable dashboards and customizable alerts allow firms to efficiently service accounts. A sophisticated and customizable digital reporting framework enables a more personal experience with your clients.

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Transaction Analytics

BondWave® customizes Effi for you, shaping the solution to fit your needs. Here are offerings that can be part of your solution: Market Calculator, Trade Oversight, Transaction Quality Analysis


Effi transaction analytics provides a robust process that evaluates execution quality and supports compliance requirements. From pre-trade price confidence to post-trade execution efficiency and exception handling, Effi provides tools to assist you with Fair Pricing / Markup Disclosure, Best Execution, and Transaction Quality Analysis.

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Data Lab

BondWave® customizes Effi for you, shaping the solution to fit your needs. Here are offerings that can be part of your solution: QMarks, QCurves, QTrades, QScores


The Data Lab is BondWave’s team of data scientists, tasked with driving innovation. The Lab applies advanced technologies to create unique data sets that power new levels of insight and transparency. Our proprietary data sets include trade benchmark data, enriched trade data, municipal yield curves, and identification of comparable bonds.

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The right tool for the job

Effi’s architecture makes it all possible

No need to pay for functionality you don’t need
Not “one-size fits all” – customize to meet your specific needs
Behind your firewall or via a secure hosted platform – you are in control
Focused exclusively on data and analytics – agnostic to liquidity and execution
Support any type of user group – large or small

Benefits by User Group

Effi was built as a singular platform that provides value to all business stakeholders


Legal, Compliance, and Risk professionals leverage Effi to manage risk and support critical regulatory requirements


Traders and liaisons are able to effectively monitor portfolios, identify trade opportunities, and measure execution quality on both a pre- and post-trade basis


Enhance client interactions with superior information and customized reports to build confidence and help promote longstanding relationships.


“This the first product in fixed income… forget just fixed income… the first product that I’ve ever used that does everything it is supposed to do and more!”

– Rich McDonald, Moneta Group


“BondWave is our consistent go-to for advisors or clients who have a high allocation in fixed income”

– BondWave Client

Effi covers all your fixed income needs:


Our data warehouse provides descriptive and event information across the entire bond universe.


Real-time data provides for prompt bond alerts and calculations based on the latest market information.


Reports and calculations leverage our data warehouse and are enhanced by the latest data science.


Configure your view to get the information you need, in the way you want it.


fixed income asset types

7.3M +

active securities

90 +

customizable event types

120M +

bond events in the database

185M +

Transactions evaluated

750M +

Steps calculated

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Effi gives you secure access to critical market intelligence with complete control

Everything you need to control your bond business

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