Accounts & Positions

Whether you are working with a single portfolio or reviewing your book of business, Effi provides actionable dashboards that allow you to gather information that is critical to your decision making and help service and grow your assets under management.


Take control with Effi’s analytics, which provide a holistic view of your book of business by combining a comprehensive bond descriptive database, MSRB and TRACE trade history, Moody’s and S&P rating actions, EMMA material events and disclosures, and corporate actions.

Effi Portfolio Analytics - Accounts and Positions showing Rating Actions and Cash Flow
Accounts and Positions showing Duration Distribution


Effi provides perspective from the time you log in through customizable widgets that allow you to quickly see cash flows, rating actions, or bond events that might need immediate attention.


Effi is highly customizable and allows you to configure each page and widget to provide the information that is critical to your business. Saved views allow you to streamline your daily workflows.


Effi provides a revolutionary new digital, interactive reporting framework. A comprehensive suite of reports can be customized and white-labeled. Whether it is an in-depth portfolio analysis, a book-of-business exposure report, or a shock analysis, information will be presented the way you want. Digital reports can easily be exported to PDF for delivery to clients.


Effi reports provide state of the art customizability, giving you control over the information you communicate. Content can be rearranged and hidden to allow critical information to be highlighted. Multiple grouping options support reporting at the account, advisor, or firm level. Layouts allow users to save multiple customized versions of a report for quick retrieval.

Effi Portfolio Analytics - Report Types - Shock Analysis, Cash Flow, Fixed Income Analysis, Exposure, Amortization/Accretion, Exposure, Events, Call Adjusted Maturity, Redemption
Scheduled and Archived Reports Example


All generated reports are accessible through the Effi Archive providing easy access for future client interactions and supporting compliance and supervisory requirements across the entire firm. When working with a portfolio, the reports provide a contextual history of generated content for that client.


Effi’s report engine is enhanced by Scheduler, a module allowing for reports to be automatically generated and delivered to the field. Scheduler’s report automation saves time and enables a proactive approach to data analysis and communication.


Fixed income specialists try to maximize every feasible trade opportunity. To do that, they need to create consistently accurate, detailed proposals—proposals that are on time and on the money.

Effi streamlines proposal creation, making trade ideas actionable system-wide—in minutes, or even seconds. And, with Proposals, bond offerings for a buy or swap opportunity can originate from any trading partner or offering source.

Identify candidates

Proposals starts with an ad hoc or saved search that quickly identifies viable buy, sell or swap candidates. Effi makes virtually any conceivable search possible, across all accounts and holdings.

Effi Portfolio Analytics - Proposals - Account Statistics Example
Proposals Status & Statistics Example

Create proposals

Whether it is one or many accounts, Effi aggregates account-specific information and detailed trade statistics for each candidate. Unique proposals for each account can then be immediately generated.

Communicate ideas

When the proposal is done, Effi’s powerful Correspondence tool sends out the final product, using your firm’s standard e-mail or messaging system (and a variety of email templates). Correspondence sends the proposal and system-generated reports for each account, along with background information, commentary or analysis material. Effi also provides a continually-updated archive of all messages and proposals sent from the system.


Never miss an opportunity with your clients. Customize Effi’s alerts to get notifications about important bond events, cash flow, and price changes delivered to you within the application, and your inbox.


BondAlert supports over 90 different event types across rating actions, EMMA events, corporate actions, cash flows, and price changes.


Configure events that are critical to you, while suppressing those that are not. Opt to get additional email notifications when you are away.

Effi Portfolio Analytics - BondAlert - Example of Bond Event, Cash Flow, and Price Change Alerts
BondAlert QPaths Example of Context About Similar Events


Rating Actions are supported by QPathsTM analytics to provide context about similar events.


Work with the affected accounts and positions with a single click. Add affected positions to a report, proposal, or correspondence to the advisor. Don’t have time right now? Effi will remind you again when you want to.


BondWave has introduced Rules, our latest feature, to our portfolio analytics suite. Rules allow users to set and enforce custom investment criteria for bond portfolios, providing a higher level of control, transparency, and optimization.

With Rules, users can define specific criteria for their bond portfolios, such as duration, credit rating, and sector allocation. These rules are automatically enforced, ensuring the portfolio remains in line with the investment objectives of the client.

Rules provide real-time monitoring and reporting, allowing you to know when exceptions occur for each portfolio.

Portfolio Management Account Rules in BondWave's Effi - Engine for Fixed Income. Define criteria for bond portfolios by asset type, average coupon, duration, issuer saturation (PV %), and rating.
Bond Portfolio Rules in BondWave's Effi - Engine for Fixed Income can support needs ranging from Reg BI monitoring to strategy creation using settings such as issuer saturation, short conservative tax-exempt, and intermediate or conservative.


Create and categorize rules using 35+ attributes to describe investment constraints and overall portfolio objectives.

Rules of varying complexity can be created to support needs ranging from Reg BI monitoring to strategy creation.

  • Single attribute (e.g., Issuer Saturation)
  • Style-box (e.g., Intermediate or Conservative)
  • Strategies (e.g., Short Conservative Tax-exempt)


Rules may be assigned to a large number of accounts, allowing analysis and reporting across your entire book of business.