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WHEATON, IL, May 15, 2018 – BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today the continued enhancement and adoption of its industry leading fixed income analytics platform, Effi™. Over the past year, BondWave has bolstered its overall client base and enhanced its fixed income tools to include proprietary content, transaction analytics and an industry-leading Prevailing Market Price (“PMP”) solution that has surpassed 250,000 PMP proof-of-concept calculations.

Launched in late 2017, Effi enables fixed income traders, advisors and investors to service and monitor accounts, identify and communicate trade ideas, create customized alerts, and leverage a sophisticated digital reporting tool to support client interactions and manage their overall bond business. Effi users gain access to BondWave’s extensive fixed income data warehouse and tools, providing unparalleled context and workflow efficiencies. With a range of solutions under its Portfolio Analytics & Workflow and Transaction Analytics & Workflow capabilities, Effi is a single platform offering an evolving range of modular fixed income solutions.

“BondWave is wholly committed to supporting the innovation and evolution of the fixed income landscape. The adoption of Effi is proof that transformation is not only needed but desired by a wide range of fixed income market participants,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave.

Through its intuitive design and customizable dashboards, Effi has simplified the complex fixed income landscape, providing users with context and actionable insights. Users and industry participants can now access new tools that provide fixed income traders, advisors and investors with the type of unbiased market intelligence that has benefitted the equity markets for years. Recent enhancements include the ability to import and monitor held away assets, a customizable advanced filtering capability, as well as the creation of a PMP calculation engine and oversight module that incorporates BondWave’s proprietary QCurves™ and QTrades™ content.

“Over the past year, we have gained significant traction with both large and small firms, bolstered our internal team, and expanded the entire Effi platform to advance our mission to simplify individual bond investing. Looking ahead to the second half of 2018, we see many hurdles for fixed income participants, including PMP compliance. While the timeline for compliance continues to shrink, market participants find themselves at a pivotal point where they must choose between evolution and stagnation. The fixed income landscape continues to evolve and BondWave is committed to help drive the growth of fixed income investing among new and existing audiences of traders, advisors and investors,” noted Ruvo.

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