WHEATON, IL–(November 09, 2015) – BondWave LLC (“BondWave”) announced that its RepView™ advisor web portal has been enhanced to support strategy-based bond investing. The solution enables financial service firms to incorporate their own customized strategies for bond ladders, barbells, check-a-month and other investment approaches to help facilitate individual bond investing for advisors and their clients. The BondWave platform includes DeskView™, a solution for bond specialists and trading desk personnel that enables strategy-based investing and streamlines communication and service to advisors, and RepView, an integrated web portal that provides advisors with important fixed income account information, related market data, timely alerts and client-ready reports for their entire book of business.

Within the new RepView interface, advisors can review graphs, statistics, estimated yield and marketing materials for each strategy offered by the firm. Advisors can compare existing account holdings to a strategy to see if holdings comply with strategy guidelines. When an advisor assigns an account to a strategy, secure proposal and messaging features can be used for interactive communication with the trading desk or another fixed income service provider during the portfolio construction or rebalancing process.

RepView gives advisors the ability to quickly and easily review summarized account statistics and activity in a Book-of-Business view, or drill-down to see details for each account. Alerts show the latest event or ratings change notifications and advisors also have easy access to recent trade and offerings information. Client-ready reports and customized meeting materials may be run on-demand for reviews and other client interactions. Advisors also have access to interactive views that show violations to holdings or portfolio guidelines, as defined by the firm.

“BondWave believes in ‘Fixed Income as a Service.’ Our focus is to enable advisors to provide a superior fixed income service to their customers through complete data context and intelligent tools,” said Michael Ruvo, BondWave’s President. “Furthermore, our products may be used to augment a firm’s overall methodology for addressing regulatory requirements and may enhance existing compliance systems and procedures.”

RepView is available as an installed or hosted solution and may be combined with DeskView as an integrated enterprise solution. For more information or a demonstration, contact BondWave at 877-795-2929 or visit www.bondwave.com.

BondWave LLC (BondWave?) is a financial technology company and registered investment advisor that provides solutions to facilitate individual bond investing. We serve a wide range of customers, from small independent RIAs to some of the largest broker-dealers and custody providers in the financial services industry. Traders and advisors use our tools to provide a superior fixed income experience to their clients. By creating sophisticated, yet simple solutions for all stakeholders in the investment process, we help advisors better leverage individual bonds as they work to achieve the investment objectives of their clients. Our tools enable strategy-based investing – including portfolio creation, monitoring and rebalancing – while greatly enhancing the communications between the trading desk, advisors and their clients. BondWave is liquidity and trade agnostic and our sole focus is to provide a simple, sophisticated user experience around individual bond investing. Additional information is available at www.bondwave.com.

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